All of our winners and pitchers

Soup #8

15th February 2018

  • Trans Mission: our first returning pitcher, providing information and support for trans and gender variant people, including drop-in sessions, one-to-one support, mental health support groups, peer support mentors, food parcels and cooking lessons. Pitching for funds to support their peer mentors with a mental health support library to lend to service users and schools, and to print a support booklet with sources of help, contact details and resources in.
  • Abigail Housing: houses refugees in Leeds in the gap between being granted leave to remain and being eligible for housing benefit, and houses destitute asylum seekers in Bradford who haven’t been given leave to remain whilst they apply (or re-apply), supporting them to get back into the home office processes to make fresh claims to stay. Pitching for funds to replace essential household equipment (such as vacuum cleaners) in their five Bradford houses.
  • Sconce Campsite: Aire Valley District Scouts campsite in Baildon, with ‘wild’ camping, easy camping, bunk house, nature area, outdoor chapel, pond, camp fire area, activities areas. Used by uniformed organisations, increasingly used by schools and disabled groups (and investing heavily in better disabled access). Pitching for funds to purchase two wildlife cameras, so they can better share the abundance of wildlife which visits the site with inner city schoolkids who often have never seen animals in the wild.

Soup #7

16th November 2017

  • Bloomin Buds Theatre Company: helping young people from working class environments to access drama and bringing arts to deprived areas and communities, through kids’ drama groups, singing for health sessions and professional theatre. Pitching for a basic set to take their new play, exploring teenage pregnancy and the class divide, to the Edinburgh fringe, on tour and into schools.
  • St Ives Riding for the Disabled: provide therapeutic riding sessions for people of all ages with disabilities, through qualified coaches and volunteer assistants. Pitching for funding for a new saddle for their most important horse.
  • Bradford Nightstop: providing overnight accommodation and meals in host homes for young people (16-25) in Bradford, as well as  working to educate young people about homelessness. Pitching for funding towards bed nights.

Soup #6

17th August 2017

  • SORM (School of Rock and Media): supporting Rock School, which works with youngsters in the community, and the Bystander project, which promotes positive relationships and looking out for each other.
  • Centrepoint: helping end youth homelessness by providing places to sleep and support to get lives on the right track.
  • Carers Resource: supporting those who have given up their own lives to look after their loved ones.

Soup #5

18th May 2017

  • Homeless Beanies: relaunching in the summer to offer routes into employment for homeless people and those just off the streets, through a social franchise model – initially offering training and employment as coffee baristas on mobile coffee carts. Pitching for funding for barista training.
  • Neesie: a platform for single mothers and their children to enable them to grow independently and better their lives, facilitating prosperity for single mums and families with absent parents. Pitching for funding to help with residential holidays and regular activities.
  • BIASAN (Bradford Immigration and Asylum Seekers Support and Advice Network): building community amongst refugees and asylum seekers through craft and art, and enabling people to turn those skills into livelihoods. Pitching for funds to diversify the crafts offered, and for materials.

Soup #4

16th February 2017

  • Brium: looking to start a Clubhouse in Bradford, a mental health rehabilitation centre where people join as members, run the clubhouse and get into employment. Pitching for funding to take the start-up group to London to meet with a thriving Clubhouse there to aid in planning.
  • Bradford Volunteer Doulas: supporting vulnerable and isolated women through pregnancy and childbirth. Pitching for funding for ‘pregnancy balls’ to aid mothers-to-be in comfort and exercise.
  • Cancer Support Yorkshire: supporting those diagnosed with cancer and their families. Pitching for funding for tablet computers to enable support workers to complete financial and government forms with clients as they increasingly move online.

Soup #3

17th November 2016

  • The Power Girls: Pitching for funding for sign language teaching to support inclusion work with hearing-impaired young people.
  • Bradford Craft Collective: Crafters from across the world living in Bradford (including refugees and asylum seekers), meeting together to learn, create and make connections. Pitching for funding for materials, equipment and skills.
  • Bierley Life Centre / e:merge / One in a Million youth projects: Youth drop-ins, detached work and activities in Bierley and surrounding areas. Pitching for funding to support this work.

Soup #2

18th August 2016

  • Trans Mission: Providing information and support for trans and gender variant people, including drop-in sessions, one-to-one support and cooking lessons. Pitching for money to develop promotional materials such as fliers and banners to raise awareness.
  • Cecil Green Arts: A Bradford-based collective of artists, puppeteers, musicians and circus performers who put on community arts projects, workshops and events – including their well-known giant lantern parades. Cecil Green Arts lost most of their materials and past work in the Drummond Mill fire.
  • Freedom for Girls: Project to provide simple hand-made sanitary health packs for women and girls in developing countries – and to enable them to make their own.

Media coverage: Telegraph and Argus story.

Soup #1

19th May 2016

  • Hedgehog Emergency Rescue, Bingley Yorkshire (HERBY): Emergency rescue centre and ‘hogspital’ for sick or injured wild hedgehogs.
  • Hope Housing: Charity providing emergency accommodation for homeless people, looking for support to develop their ‘Beat the Boredom’ campaign, providing weekend activities when many other services are closed.